Converting Movies from MP4 to DVD with Aimersoft dvd creator

Published: 18th January 2012
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Having videos from MP4 format looks gigantic in every ways. The sounds and the resolution it partakes give the movie goers a sense of satisfaction and a good sense of relaxation wherein they were able to watch movie without leaving their homes and still experiencing a theater like ambiance. Since the birth of these technologies, gadget fanatics are going gaga over them making ways on how to have them specifically. MP4 format is used in a mixture of different multimedia devices such as iPhone, iPod and PlayStation Portable. Occasionally, you may perhaps wanted to watch MP4 movies and videos at home in a more comfortable way by playing it on your own DVD player. Initially, before you can watch them on your own home theater DVD, you need to convert or burn your MP4 movies to make it DVD ready.
Aimersoft studio can provide the right DVD software that enables you to convert MP4 to DVD. Aimersoft Company has created this DVD creator that professionally converts MP4 to DVD so you can watch movies at home any time you want with convenience of such. This MP4 to DVD video converter can directly burn videos from MP4 files to DVD and then playback on any home DVD players.
Aimersoft sites can lead you to have a lounge of their new technologies especially on their movie converter where you can fully understand what to do with the movies being stored on your MP4. To avail the software, you need to download specific software that would fit your condition from Aimersoft studio. Windows user should download the Windows version of the DVD creator but then, both Mac and Windows version are all available for downloading. In the mean time, you need to insert a blank DVD into the DVD burner. There are supported DVD types of the Aimersoft DVD creator and that includes DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD RAM, DVD-RW, DVD-R DL, and DVD+R DL. After which, choose from the two software on what version to download like that of a MAC or Windows. You can download a free MP4 to DVD burner from the site of Aimersoft.
Secondly, if you have downloaded the MAC version of the software, you need to add MP4 videos into your MP4 to transmit to the DVD converter for MAC. You can directly drag the files from your MP4 right directly into the program and the files that were loaded will be publicized in the file list of your thumbnail. Then you can freely rearrange the list of the files according to your choice. Another way to add videos is to import media files from iTunes, iMovie or iPhoto directly in just one click. Meanwhile, editing your MP4 file is just an option for you that if you think you wanted it edited, then you have to edit. In doing so, you need to highlight a specific file at the file that was loaded then you have o click “edit” inorder to enter the edit boundary. You may style it by cropping, adjust effects, rotate the MP4, multiple trim, watermarks and adjust watermarks before burning them. This is only if you feel editing the file, then you may edit it.
Aimersoft video converter lets you do customizing jobs and editing jobs in your MP4 before burning the loads to a DVD but this is only an optional decision for the one who do the conversion. Now, you can start burning MP4 to your DVD by selecting the DVD menu in the output options then click “Start” to convert the files from your MP4 to your DVD. The work is just fast and easy and you can now watch your favorite movies from your MP4 right directly to your DVD and enjoy a great movie experience without leaving home.

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